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Yummy Food

Soggo proudly announces the below food menu where no other Ordinary Hostels can match in and around Coimbatore. Unlike other Ordinary Hostel, all the foods we serve including Bread & Biscuits are prepared in house and no out sourcing from Caterers. The disadvantage of outsourcing is quality lose in food due to profit taking and commission sharing between Ordinary Hostel & Caterers after fixing the spend on food per inmate. Since we own kitchen, trained chefs prepare with care, quality ingedients and branded edible oil like Sunflower and Rice Bran Oil etc., The above food may change occassionaly due to unexpected leave taken by Chefs or illness of Chef. We follow the above food menu with 90% accuracy.

Timings Packed Breakfast*** for IT Inmates Going at 5.30am 6.30-7.30AM Breakfast
7.00 - 9.30AM
Packed Lunch In-House Lunch
12.00 - 2.30PM
Snacks Time Vari from
4.00 to 5.45PM
7.30 to 9.00PM
Monday Tea Cake & Chapathi with Ready to Eat Veg Kurma Milk** Idly & Vada with Sambar & Chutney Puliodhorai (Tamarind) Rice With Tomato Thokku White Rice with Brinjal Puli Kuzhamboo, Rasam, Poriyal & Curd** Milk** with Bread Onion Masala Sandwitch Chappati with Peas Masala
Tuesday Slices of Toasted Bread with Egg Omlet Milk** & Biscuit* Poori with Potato Masala White Rice with Sambar & Cabbage Poriyal White Rice with Sambar, Rasam, Cabbage Poriyal & Curd** Milk** & Dhall Vada* Dosa with Tomato Chutney & Coconut Chutney
Wednesday Dosa with Ready to Eat Sambar & Idly Podi Milk** & Tea Cake* 4 Slices of Bread with Chenna Masala & Egg Omlet Corriander Rice with Onion Raitha White Rice with Dhall Fry, Rasam, Poriyal & Curd Milk** & Veg Hot Bun* Parotta with Chicken Masala & Veg Kurma
Thursday 4 Slices of Bread with Ready to eat Chenna Masala & Biscuits Milk** & Biscuit* Dosai with Sambar & Chutney White Rice with Tamarind Gravy, White Rice with Tamarind Gravy, Rasam, Poriyal & Curd Milk** & Veg Spring Roll* Romali Roti with Paneer Butter Masala or Veg Kedai Gravy
Friday Idly with Ready to Tamarind Gravy & Idly Podi Milk** Sevai with Chutney, Sweet Sevai & 2 Slices of Bread & Jam Sambar Dhall Rice & Potato Porial White Rice with Sambar, Rasam, Poriyal & Curd Milk** & Veg Ball Fry* Chilli Paratha with Onion Raitha or Fried Rice with Gobi Manchurian
Saturday Holiday for Working Inmates Milk** & Tea Cake* Onion Uthappam with Kara Chutney Holiday for IT Going Inmates White Rice with Egg Gravy or Egg Omlette, Rasam & Curd Milk** & Potato Bonda* Chapathi or Poori with Veg Kurma
Sunday Holiday for All Working & Studying Inmates Milk** & Biscuit* Appam with Veg Stew Kurma Holiday for All Inmates Veg Biryani, Chicken Gravy, White Rice with Rasam & Curd Milk** & Tea Cake* Pav Bhajji Masala & Roasted Bread

*     Quantity is Fixed
**    Quality of the Milk would be like the 30% water inclusion in milk for normal preparation of Tea & Coffee. Quantity is also
       fixed.Inmatescan mix their own Instant Coffee Powder, Tea Bags, Energy Drink etc.,
***   Packed Breakfast is available only at Soggo1 & Soggo 4. Inmates working near Peelamedu TIDEL Park and Saravanampatti IT
       Companies can join respectively at Soggo 1 & Soggo 4

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